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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Troubled June

somehow sth happened to my blog. need some computer whiz to help me solve the probs.. meanwhile i've not blogged for nearly a month!

Oh man, i'm gayified in the video. Yeah, the australia trip was an eye-opener, not so much on the economics but more of a tourist's experience. =) The weather was not too bad. joyous winter. and yeah, throw in a bit of retail therapy. that's the whole Australia Economics trip package.

Oh oh I must say the plane ride was worth it. Caught up with at least 5 or 6 movies. Opportunity cost: nap time. That's the econs part. o.0

Hmm gotta go back to studying now.. grr grrrr only touched few chapters of econs. I'm so dead and kancheong now.. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Hope everyone is on form right now? Well I'm not. stupid pox. Hope my blog recovers soon. maybe i gotta wrap it in a new skin, huh? computing geeks!

Channel 5 damn very lao-ya. dont screen the matches for these few days.. even RTM also screen. there's where malaysia media outdo sg's media. Today's the day Brazil will shine like it always does.

Brazil and Czech rocks! Rosicky rocks! Yesterday he almost did a mega kill if not for one unsuccessful shot. tio blocked. =) . I'm rooting for u guys!!

Wow. that's quite a bit of blog entry. But not alot considering that I blog here once in a thousand years. But still here's a contribution. =)

Bin. baabaa

nil sine labore
11:12 PM

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