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Sunday, April 09, 2006
and we got HIGH ;

It's so damn late and I can't get to sleep.
Today was fantabulous.

1. We went to Brianna's birthday party.

2. The games were interesting, most of them.

3. Ahem, my mask was great.

4. I can't believe we took Qing sheng's lorry home.
Machiam illegal immigrants. HAHAHA.

5. I made a new little boyfriend. HEH HEH.
He's a godamn bloody handsome boy and
he gave me a heart sticker.

Good night peeps. Get drunk!

oh what a lovely day to have a slice of humble pie
recalling of the while we used to drive and drive
here and there going nowhere but for us,
nowhere but for the whole of our class
and we knew it was time to take a chance here
and time to compromise our lives for awhile
and it was time for all the wrong reasons
but time is often on my side
and I give it to you tonight
and we sleep all, sleep all day, sleep all,
we sleep all day over again


nil sine labore
12:20 AM

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