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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
It's been a long way since preparation for Promos (pw at the same time of cos).

Well, I thought i could fulfill tonnes and tonnes of stuff but haiz, my mana not enough.

Congrats to the relatively high scorers.

For those who fell prey to the evil papers, do not lose hope. There's still another year..maybe 430 days liddat. Get inspiration to offset ur lack of motivation! Watch the VJ kayak video to inspire urself maybe, that's if u managed to get ur hands on them haha.

Instead of the usual Dont-think-too-much advice, I would think now it's the time to really think about the path you wanna take later on next year or perhaps in the big future. The gargantuan universe is always out there waiting for you to explore. There's bound to be some path for everyone out there. It's just a matter of 'fuelling' ourselves to start our engines.

Oh share you with sth, I've got a fren who got a weird mole on his ankle and it's getting bigger after sometime (and i mean some time), especially after the promo. So much that we called it the Pro mole. well, now that promo are over and it's post promole, we should expect that little thing to stop evolving huh. =P Okae enough of suanning him.

It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting new challenges,
and I believed in myself.

Mohammed Ali

Respects. *salute* Mr Ali. =P

So people let's get it over and done with. Find sth to look forward to. =O. I almost forgot I m emotionally unstable (wow 16PF!), i shall go and sit in one corner (not the one which Joel always like to occupy) and weep for nobody business (okay maybe my business).

Bin loves S64 to a certain extent. large extent. no upsize.

nil sine labore
9:28 PM

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