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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Cherish. Not Cherished.

Cherish what you have. dont take things for granted. This may sounds so cliche, hackneyed and all too familiar to our ears. But I still hafta say this. Take it as a thoughtful reminder, people.

I thought I would never encounter this in my entire life, perhaps only see such situations on TV. Just as I was going home frm school (erm ocip was mind boggling =S), erm of cuz not straight away after that... It was ard 8pm i supposed just as I was about to land home, I met this young lad (I sounds old =O) who was pushing a ice-cream trolley (if that's wad its called). Ard 14 years old. He was dressed up like a Qing Sheng (u know, cap and poser accessories =X). He came running up to me and asked if I recognised sth he was holding in his hand. His tone/voice eludes a mix of anxiety and bengness.

It's just an insect smashed up and crushed in a tissue paper. It was actually a bee. An ordinary one, I supposed (no bio knowledge applied. it's not like the dead prawn kind of stuff u get during bio prac). He was looked pale and was asking if it was poisonous as he felt great numbness in his leg after getting stung on his leg. In the midst of nowhere, a passer-by interrupted and the conversation carried on. I suggested that it would be better for him to go to a nearby clinic. Yea, but it turns out that he was very reluctant to go to the doc's place as he was kindof broke and he is afraid that his life might be in danger and he got 1 more sibling to take care of. It seems so dramatic, but it's true. The passer-by was kind enough to bring him to a nearby clinic and I supposed he paid for him.

While we are enjoying the buzz of ipods and living in comfort, there are actually so many of such people troubled by financial difficulties. Hmm, think about it.

A convo between Guy A and Guy B.
Guy A: Hey B, have u got a recorder? =P

Guy B: Oh yes, sum 5bucks cheapo sophrano recorder. it's somewhere at home. probably catching dust.

Guy A: Hey, I've got one t00 but come to think of it, that's a waste of money.
Guy B *nod* and said:
But who would bother to use it these days? who could we give it to?

Hey ppl, dont exhaust your brain cells over such trivial matters. Donate your dust-catching recorders to the OCIP team!
Yes! the OCIP team will be collecting used, and preferably in working condition, musical instruments. Support the team, support the cambodian kids.

Oh btw, Mr Wong wants me to convey the message that this fridae Physics tutorial as usual. Hopefully Hopefully Hopefully, no more p0nning. Oh well, my previous post was abit erm erm...

Yeah, gud nite ppl. Rest well.

Hope u guys haven binned this blog. kinda dead huh.

nil sine labore
9:14 PM

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