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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Heyy, I had a hard time getting thru to write an entry. probably due to the gargantuan volume of cobweb spun on this blogsite. oh ''05s64 rawks forever!'' indeed, and the blogsite is hanging on the ''rawks'' now...so let me try to unhang it frm the rock.

Seem like no one has the mood to do any to blog ever since the boring tutorialpw era started. Well, I shall break away frm the crowd for once.=> Sounds like Steve Jobs rite. bleh.

Oh like what one of my fren said, never accept any work unnecessarily/ sign up for any useless course / commit yourself to anything next time. And this will be the first thing I would sae to my juniors who will be coming to VJ. Too much commitment given sooo little time. PW.yes PW. Once this irritating speck of virus is eliminated. My lung irritation( or rather Zhong Yu's earthshaking coughs) will recover. And for now let's hope God (if u think GOd exists which I wun sae so. nor would I deny that) would give us more time.

Oh VJ is introducing Subway as a pilot test project. Forgot to make any order today. Looks like I'll be eating that yongtaufoo stuff when the others are enjoying their Subway sandwiches tomorrow. Anyway, the sandwiches is not healthy! Leave them alone. I would gladly sacrifice myself to help you all finish them. Jus buy me a cup of iced milo to end my sufferings earlier. Heh.

Well, that's about it. 64-ers look forward to holidaes! And rmb to bring tie tmr or rather this whole week.So many photoshoots now and den. Nites everyone and sleep tight!


nil sine labore
10:28 PM

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