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Sunday, August 21, 2005
hey, im back... so sorry i havent been to this blog for such a long time. I'm at camp ideapolis now, Vanessa and Ivan are here too. Well, i feel quite lightbulb :P. Anyway, the camp has been really badly managed so far, i cant believe NTU will organize such a badly planned competiton.

We had to do a business plan as well as a presentation. Almost everything about this camp has been screwed up so far. Considering just today, we were officially given only 2 hours 15 minutes to do the business plan. What a smart move, cos, while we good rule abiding teams were listening to stupid lectures, most of the teams ponned the lectures to do their business plan, naturally, they had a really good advantage.
Next, the planning time. Even when they know they most of the teams had already ponned the lectures, they still allowed the lectures to be so long, in fact, it caused the whole schedule to be pushed back by like 45 mins. So, wow, first, we thought that we should give the organizers face by attending the "compulsory" talks, then, when we attend it, they still make it worst by giving us less time to do our stuff. Wonderful eh? 1 hour 30 mins to do 1 1500 words proposal and 1 presentation.

Ok, enough of complains, this camp aint totally sucky, at least i got 1 free polo tee and 2 free lunch and dinners. And at least the group was fun.

This is zhong min reporting from Camp Ideopolis.

nil sine labore
4:13 PM

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