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Saturday, July 09, 2005
Ok, finally i m contributing to this class blog...didnt expect that myself but i jus cant get to sleep. Although physically drained but maybe mentally active..yah that mus be the case..

Some random tots kayaking in my mind now...

Oh btw, who is OFS? bet muz be one of the 64ers, muz dig his identity out somedae hehe.

Okae, we've got a new maths teacher hurray, but he cant seem to close his mouth when he ends his sentences, that shows his enthusiasm to teach? =S Wonder what is Ms Cheng doing nowadaes?

School daes cant get any tiring and boring like now...tiring cuz of da hectic schedule.pw.nationals.piling tutorials.

Afraid tat I cant make it for VS speech dae due to the kayaking nationals...hopefully I can work things out.

Stupid msn mass chats going on again...I haf to go deduce wad's the fuss about later...

Oh VJC 05S64 is proud to be one of the ambassaders of the VJC blog, pls post on
www.campusmoblog.com.sg to support VJ... yeah... Hey wait, omg VS is not in da top 10 popular blogposting for the sec sch...

Oh, Mrs Chan said something bout changing the Victorian Anthem lyrics' line '' Victoria thy sons are we''....Seriously, ppl jus take it as a figurative term? oh well, if not jus take it that it is part and parcel of the Victorian community which largely originate from Victoria School? haha, to change that line might not be as easy as jus saying it... Though it may appear to be a sexist line, but that's da root of the college tradition--VS...Oh but if i m not wrong VS last time was a co-ed school...oh did I rmb wrongly? =D well anywae Mrs Chan brought in the fact that she's the VJC principal for 4 years.Well without a doubt, VJC did flourish under her care, but compare that 4 years to da Victorian community's tradition which traces back to the history of hundred plus years. Victoria thy sons are we, and we will NOT forget.

Oh back to the class affairs, the fever of shooting waste paper into the bin is contagious haha...

Oh and is anyone going to support the VJ band concert? (go support Danny =D...) If my memory doesnt fail me, it is held at the botanic garden( woot?!) from 5 to 7... and it's priceless(free).

Alrite, I shall stop here lest I cant make it for water tmr. Nite peeps. Haf a nice weekend and enjoy ur fridae (it's over by now...cursing the clock for ticking so fast). Hey, jus a few random hits on the keyboard got my post going although it might be short...hey 64ers try posting in 2.

P.S: NJ kayak will get thrashed by I-dunno-who. Beautiful words are not always truthful. Truthful words are not always beautiful.


nil sine labore
12:00 AM

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