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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Let me unstagnatise the blog then.

Since this is a class blog, let's talk about something class related. I must not be the only one who feels our class is not united. No doubt as compared to the start of the year we are more open with each other, but still, we are more or less cliqued cliquified still in our cliques. I don't think there's a need to mention exactly who these cliques are, given they're kinda obvious. Neither would I say it's any one particular group's/individual's fault, since we are afterall a class, and our unity lies on the shoulders of every single one of us.

Perhaps by next year we would be closer and more comfortable around each other, but think. It would be a year left. A year marked by tonnes of mugging, mugging and more mugging. We don't really have a lot of time to build up our strong macromolecular bonds (yes, mock me for I do not take Chem). No doubt our bonds with our Secondary school friends would be stornger, given the number of years we spend with them, but still, if we can have an open mind, perhaps we may find gems as precious as those in our class. Of course it's easier said then done, but as with every relationship, some work needs to be put in in order to see some results.

Class outings are usually characterised by the same few people. Keywords being 'same' and 'few'. Just a little food for thought.


On a lighter note, I wonder why is it that the substitute teachers that come to take our class everytime
dawn chow certain people fall sick are always better than the people they substitute. I bet the school is telling us straight in our faces "See, there are good teachers in this school. Oops, you don't have them? Aww...". Yes, so perhaps we could pull off another Cheng Min Ming and get a better CT next year?


nil sine labore
10:26 AM

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